How to Make a Good Sexual?

Jumat, 01 April 2011

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Sometimes a lot of complaining in sex, possibly because of the desire of either party, or perhaps because of the lust instead of affection and intimacy. These things can be a problem for a couple.
Technically necessary cooperation and understanding on both sides both men / boys and women / women in sex that both parties are equally to get the maximum sexual satisfaction. Selfishness can be detrimental to one party of the other, so it does not close kemungkinana can menyebabka issues / problems of the future husband and wife. Having sex should not be long. If she has an orgasm, then that's the signal for the men to finish the game quickly meupun slow either. Sex did not have to end with a blast of sperm / male orgasm. If the man is satisfied then the game can be ended.
There are important points in the body to have sex or relationships:
1. Get started right with a variety of tools and equipment needed to taste. Do not forget to drink enough and instrument cleaning to keep it away and take a long time at any time if necessary. Select a comfortable, clean, no smell, no dirty and pleasing atmosphere. Do not engage in sex in a graveyard, empty house, parking, garden, shrubs, etc. because it could happen very things you do not want to happen.
2. Warm up before sex. Both men and women alike should be in a state of arousal in order to start the penetration rod into the hole female male genitalia. Make sure the wife has wet so it will not hurt when done attack. Use your fingers, tongue, hair, legs, and so on to support your efforts to stimulate him.
3. Do not immediately step on the gas to catch an orgasm. Do it slowly and leisurely. Enjoy moments of penetration implemented, because it could be you can not feel the same pleasure in the future. Perform a variety of positions and ways to satisfy your partner. At the beginning of the game is a good choice to give up her position in order to quickly obtain an orgasm.
4. Avoid serious talks during sex can reduce your opponent lust. Tell obscenities, spoiled and naughty that can increase the stimulation to your sepermainan opponent. Switch off your mobile / cell phone if necessary for your personal activities are not interfered with by others.
5. After the man ejaculates semen spewing warm, do not immediately walk away leaving your partner. Let your libido lust remaining missing first. Give chuck-chuck tender, naughty words thank, hug and kiss, and so on as your affection for your partner. If you could take a bath together to improve the quality of your relationship with your husband or wife. Do it again if the sex of affairs equally aroused again.

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