How To Redden Lips Naturally

Jumat, 14 Desember 2012

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Having lips rosy color can make the owner look more sweet and also can make people amazed with it. Moreover, if a red-lipped woman must have seen the man who had a bit of wishful thinking to kiss her (including me).
Indeed, the red lip is not currently in craved by everyone, but at least a lot of people who want that. Evident from the number of women using cosmetic products to redden the lips. If for adult women such a thing can be said content. But for the young is certainly not appropriate in addition, young people who use cosmetic products to make red lips too impressed so funny if in use in carrying out daily activities.
Even so, young people can still look more cute with red lips without any cosmetic product. Because here we will discuss about how to naturally redden lips certainly easier and more permanent.

How Redden Lips
Before doing so to make the lips red or rather natural way redden the lips, the first thing we need to discuss what could hinder lips so red or thwart this natural way. The purpose is more obvious are things that should not be done because if you keep doing the lips though remain as they've been doing this way more dangerous or lips become black. It can hamper or derail is cigarettes and spit. So if you want red lips should avoid smoking and avoid lubricate the lips with saliva even though it was really dry lips.
So the tentative conclusion than you do later madjongke give way, you should also avoid the cause. Because if it is not addressed, we might as well fill up the water in a leaky bucket. And to this problem can be likened to fill the leaky bucket of water and then finally collapsed so it was no longer possible for us to fulfill than the cost to replace or patch.
That's it basinya bases, it's time we talk about natural ways redden lips. How to redden lips are of two where you can choose any one that is considered the easiest or use both. No need for long, following the natural way redden lips I mean.
How to redden lips naturally the first is by using honey. The trick is to smear honey really honey to the lips evenly. Do this before bed every day routine. Before that, you should make sure the condition of the lips in a clean and dry. So if you want to do it this way, make sure there is no trace of lipstick on your lips. And keep in mind, patience and persistence are key to the success of this way.
The second way to redden the lips is the emphasis on eating fruits and green vegetables. In addition to eating fruits and vegetables as often as possible, drink water as much as possible could also be an option to redden lips naturally.
Two ways to redden the lips above you can try one or both. If I were you, I would use it both ways redden lips so that the results can be more satisfying and also do not have to wait or do in a long time.
That's it in a natural way to redden lips. Keep in mind, in addition to the above, you should seek from now before already to avoid the cause so that the results can be permanent. Hopefully useful.

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