Caring Face of Beauty

Selasa, 19 April 2011

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In general, both women want any man should keep his skin from a variety of disorders. Measures that should be done is the following:
• Wash hands thoroughly before touching your face.
• Perform facial skin cleansing in the morning and evening: Need to be done at night even though you did not makeup, because the face easily tainted by pollution. It should also be done in the morning, because your skin grease and dirt at night.
• At night, take the time to massage the skin to stimulate the exchange of circulation cells in the skin. Massage gently for two minutes to eliminate fatigue, relaxing face and give the brightness of the skin.
• Protect your skin properly, especially if you frequently travel.
• Multiply drinking water.
For dry skin:
• Change type of skin care products according to season, climate, and your life style: air-conditioned environment, life in the open.
• Start using anti-aging care products, as soon as signs of aging appear. This often happens faster for your skin type (especially in the area around the eyes).
• Avoid bathing with hot water, it is better to use bath oil.
For sensitive skin:
• Warm-care products used in hand before you wear them. Do not rub skin care.
• We recommend using your fingers instead of cotton wool, cloth or tissue.• Use water spray, do not wash through the tap water.
For middle-aged skin:
• Choose skin care products anti-aging skin depends on the conditions, needs and season.
• Neck, eyes, and your hand can reduce the appearance of beauty, so they imbali with very special attention.
• On every morning that makes it difficult, do not hesitate make use of appropriate beauty products, which could soften the skin surface.
• Frequently exposed to direct sunlight can cause wrinkles and blemishes on the skin.
For oily skin:
• Protect yourself from direct sunlight, and accumulation of fat in the skin of the face.
• Do not remove acne and beruntusan at the supermarket face.
• Perform maintenance on facial peeling once to three times a week.

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