How To Be a Classy Lady

Jumat, 14 Desember 2012

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Being a woman who looks classy in addition to making life more fun, more women like this are also the preferred by others, both men and women. Whether it's a married woman or a girl is still the same. Equally to be able to look classy. And for a woman who had a class is not that difficult or can also be said easily. It all depends on each other.So if you are a woman who wants to look classy to be more in love and more respect from now on you should try to change your daily habits. Perform the steps below every day either like it or not that important to do in order to become a habit so that way you can change and most importantly, you will not be anyone else but still be yourself.The steps to be a classy lady1. Do not often get outNot often out here does not mean you should be at home every day without doing anything outdoors. But do not often come out means do not often leave the house if there is no interest or simply just do not like wandering especially evenings. If just for entertainment should briefly. If you're hanging out with friends, should not be too long especially on the side of a public road.2. Be matureBeing adults also can be the first step into a classy woman. So if you still like the way of thinking of children, try to think like an adult who prioritize more important things than a pleasure.3. MandiriTrying independently owned with skills without too much to ask for help on others. Although it's difficult, do it because then you will be familiar with themselves. If really can not, then enlist the help of others but in the request do not whine like a child or aleman.4. ClothingIn this dress, you should not too beggar materials. No need to dress decently nice clean essential. That way you will be more in value than a beggar clothing material or revealing clothes.5. SpeechHow to talk also something that should not be forgotten. For how to speak the language you should use a polite and not too outspoken. Since most people especially men directly assess poor women especially offensive speech is no element of porn.6. Do not like gossipIt is like most diseases in women. And it also makes women less the preferred by men. So you should never speak ill of anyone else either once or continuously. Because if you do that. So people are listening will think "Behind the a he talked ugliness, certainly behind him, too."7. SmartBeing a smart woman will indirectly make you look classy. To be smart you do not need to know about anything but at least you know a lot of things and also have extensive knowledge. To be like that, frequently learned through anything, whether it be through the internet, books, experiences, or from people who know better.8. Have an incomeFor a classy look, you should have income themselves financially, whether it's work or own a business up. But it is specifically for women who have grown or are not in school. So basically do not always ask the parents or spouse. If you do not believe, look at the women who stay at home and working woman, surely you can judge snediri difference.9. Cool but caringBeing ignorant but what it means is indifferent to the affairs of others is private but still care about the distress or difficulties. So to be a classy lady who needs to be cool but still care about other people.10. FriendlyBeing friendly can also be an option to look classy. Essentially behave friendly with all neighbors, especially those who understand. Often addressed either on the road or anywhere to friends do not even pretend not to notice when passing.11. No change-change girlfriendIf it is like this for women who are not married. If you want a classy girl, should not be too frequently changing sexual partners. So basically try faithful to one partner, and if the time did not have a girlfriend, do not be too easy to say "yes" to any men who want to have you.

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